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The Hesaraghatta Grassland, which comes in the Yelahanka legislative constituency, is Bengaluru city’s last remaining grassland. It provides much-needed lung space for our city and is an ecologically valuable zone, rich in biodiversity, and home to hundreds of animals, birds and insects. The Wildlife Board of Karnataka and related authorities, earlier rejected a proposal by eminent environmentalists to declare the grassland and its surroundings as the “Greater Hesaraghatta Grassland Conservation Reserve” for no convincing reasons. In a recent development, the High Court has ruled that the rejection is unacceptable, and has asked the authorities to reconsider their decision after proper consideration of all factors.

BNP Hesaraghatta Rakshisi Campaign seeks to get support from the CM of Karnataka for saving the grassland. Please join the campaign by signing the petition to the CM of Karnataka below.

BNP Petition to Karnataka CM

Designate the “Greater Hesaraghatta Grassland Conservation Reserve” as per the High Court’s recommendation


Honourable CM,
Government of Karnataka.

Dear Sir,

The Hesaraghatta grasslands have been recognised as an invaluable zone ecologically, rich in biodiversity, and home to over hundreds of species of animals, birds, insects and plants, some of which are even on the WWF’s endangered list. The Hesaraghatta Lake, which is part of the grasslands, is an important source of water for Bengaluru city, and the agricultural lands around the grasslands. The grasslands also provide precious lung space for the city and other villages next to it.

Knowing the importance of protecting this biodiversity-rich zone, a proposal was put forward to the Karnataka Wildlife Board, by several eminent environmentalists, that the Hesaraghatta grasslands and their surrounding areas be declared a “Greater Hesaraghatta Grasslands Conservation Reserve”.

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Why Hesaraghatta Grasslands are important for Bengaluru City

  • Provide crucial lung space for the city
  • Hesaraghatta Lake is a source of water for the city
  • Important resource for education of the current/future generations of Citizens
  • Destruction of the grassland would have adverse climate effects such as temperature rise and flooding.

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Hear the petitioner – Tree Doctor, Vijay Nishanth

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